20 Tech Company Exits Worth More Than $2.5 Billion In 7 Years

to companies like Apple, Oracle and Amazon Web Services.

Senior Leadership On Every Account

You hire the senior team, you get the senior team.

We Are MGP

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Our anthem


What gets us out of bed before the alarm? Our clients.
We live and breathe their business and their success is ours.
We’re not order takers. We’re market shapers.
We thrive in the digital economy of “What’s Next” and storytelling is our currency.
We think the world of PR is broken however, and in desperate need of a reboot.
In an industry that is full of “spray and pray”, we believe highly strategic PR wins out every day.

Always on and with our antenna always up, we relentlessly and passionately pursue the “What If?” with remarkable bandwidth and agility.

Knowledge and experience are important to be sure, but that’s not enough to achieve solid, lasting results.

In a crowded and confused space, it’s imperative to have deep connections, spark conversations and fan the flames.

We are masters of simplifying the complex and making the difficult look easy – all with graceful persistence.

We proudly bring our passion and creativity to work everyday. We love what we do and it shows.

Individually, we all have our own super powers and flex our respective specialized muscles.

Collectively, we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are Mercury Global Partners.

Our team

Mindy M. Hull
CEO & Founder

Colleen Wickwire
Senior PR Consultant

Ashley Cook
Account Assistant

Natalee Gibson
Managing Director

Carla Richardson
Account Executive

Asha Smit
Account Assistant

Lizi Jeffery
Senior Account Director

Tara Hill
Account Coordinator

Ginny Cain
Senior PR Consultant

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