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wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal What does a successful agency-client relationship truly entail? Our Senior Account Director @lizi_jeff explains the… 4 hours ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal How did you sleep this weekend? Check out the #Sleep #Robot by @Somnox - it will help you get a better night’s slee… 10 hours ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal There are billions of people worldwide who are #unbanked due to a lack of financial identity. Check out how… 13 hours ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal Some interesting data points from @MediaPost - #Mobile #Video Tops 60% Of Video Plays Globally:… 3 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal #FF great friend, great #journalist, #analyst, speaker and founder. A man of all trades. A #digitalnomad. Follow hi… 4 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal #SelfDrivingCars are coming sooner than we may think and the government is on board: 4 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal What does it mean to be a #PR professional? See what our account coordinator Tara Hill says on our latest blog… 4 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk at MGP! Check out our latest case study on #sleeptech company #Somnox 5 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal Ohhh, we’re loving the new site @TechCrunch Check it out y’all! #techcrunch #innovation #journalism #PR 5 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal Want to know what a day in the life of a #Tech #CEO looks like? CEO @Avaamo @Rammenon gives us some insight via… 5 days ago
wearemgp wearemgp @MercuryGlobal Learn how our client @AI_motive earned a sector leading position, putting the company firmly on the map as a key… 5 days ago