Ashley Cook 
Account Assistant

The Three Ps of PR

April 20, 2018

Ever wondered what it takes to make successful PR work? Many understand the mysterious world of public relations as merely the practice of communicating information from corporations and organizations to the public. The ultimate goal of the communication is to build trust and relationships between a particular brand or interest group and their primary audience. Strategic PR is no simple feat. The best public relations professionals understand this practice requires time, thought and carefully planned strategies executed to convey the proper messages to the right audience at the right time and the right place. PR is the art of storytelling, not merely communicating information.

The three Ps of PR: personality, passion, and persistence generate a compelling narrative in distinguishing a particular brand in an oversaturated market. The three Ps make up the difference between simple information sharing and telling compelling stories that captivate audiences, change perception and shift markets. Using the three Ps to generate sentiment around a brand will increase positive feeling toward the brand on the consumer end. At MGP, we pride ourselves on working with clients who are passionate about their work and foster positive work environments for all employees in the company. The three Ps of PR guide us through our strategic practices to capture our clients’ passion and love in every story they share with the public.  


Passion is the backbone of the story. Without it, there is no story. Conveying the emotional triumphs and tribulations will once again differentiate the story and the brand within its respective market. Content can come across lifeless and dull without infusing it with colorful language, personal stories and emotion. Beautifully conveying the company or individual’s journey to the audience will encourage the audience to share the sentiment; there is power in vulnerability.  


Personality is the soul of the story. Everyone has a story to tell. As PR pros, it is our job to ensure every story conveys personality – be it the company’s or the individual’s personality – to personalize and set the story apart from competitors. Furthermore, showing a sense of personality resonates well with the audience, as it humanizes the company and gives the audience a chance to relate to. Understanding a brand or individual’s personality also helps to determine which media outlet will be most appropriate for the story.


Persistence is the key to the story’s ignition. Sure, every company dreams of having a feature in a major tier one publication such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, but sometimes that dream does not always come to fruition rapidly. It is easy to get wrapped up in big name publications, but sometimes they are not the best media target for a company to reach its desired audience. A lot of PR firms send blasts to hundreds of random outlets and reporters, hoping someone will pick up the story. At MGP, we are very much against the “spray and pray” approach to PR. We spend hours researching and vetting the best reporters and outlets to tell our clients’ stories. The process of researching and pitching can be tedious and frustrating at time to be sure – but it is also crucial to remain adaptable and optimistic throughout the process and to celebrate victories small and large.

Learn how Mercury Global Partners uses highly strategic PR tactics to catapult our clients’ stories into the limelight of their respective industries, click here.  

Natalee Gibson
Managing Director

How to Dominate at Mobile World Congress

March 2, 2018

It’s been an exciting week for the MGP team. We just wrapped up Mobile World Congress Barcelona
2018, and we’re pleased to share some impressive highlights across the board for every client that
attended. Here’s a quick snapshot of MGP’s MWC Barcelona week by the numbers:
Supported six clients at the show
Secured eight speaking opportunities for our clients
• Facilitated more than 45 press and analyst meetings, resulting in 47 pieces of coverage this
week with more to come
• One GLOMO award win in the Best Connected Consumer Device category
• Four Best in Show awards including TechCrunch, PCMag, Android Authority and IHS Markit
Mobile World Live Show Daily features for two clients
Celebrated MGP’s 10 year anniversary and launch of our new website with a dinner hosting
some of our longtime journalist friends and colleagues
We’re proud of the client work we do, and we’re also very proud of the relationships we’ve nurtured with
the GSMA and Mobile World Congress over the years. We take a very strategic approach to this event, as
we recognize it is critical for any company in the mobile technology space. This is an event where we
start the work early and drive hard, but it always pays off when our clients – no matter their size – make a
big splash at one of the biggest annual global conferences.
Our work with clients means we never get to spend as much time listening to all the great session content
at MWC as we’d like, but that doesn’t stop us from keeping our finger on the pulse of the show. This
year, we saw several themes stand out:
Unless you’re under a rock, you know 5G was a critical theme for 2018. But what we found interesting is
more than ever there was a focus on concrete deliverables – namely monetization. We watched the
industry at large fumble 3G and 4G, and now there seems to be a prescient understanding that without
proper monetization efforts there is little value in 5G. This is particularly critical on the enterprise side, as
they will find far greater impact with the evolution of 5G than the consumer.
Speaking of monetization, it seemed to hang in the air all around us. We heard questions from the show
floor around how operators can monetize new opportunities not just in a 5G landscape, but in IoT; how
marketers can better monetize the mobile experience; how brands can monetize engagement in ways that
brings value to the end user. Monetization vs. new technology always seems to be a chicken and egg
question, but this year there seemed to be a consensus that technology without a monetization strategy is
set up to fail quickly.
Artificial Intelligence was once again a hot topic, but this year it focused on how to drive value to the
consumer. Amit Hammer, CEO of Neura took the main stage with Philips to discuss how the company is
using Neura’s AI engine to better understand customers in the physical world, in order to offer more
enlightened, personalized and relevant engagement in the digital world. One of the driving themes of AI
this year was how imperative it is that companies use it intelligently to improve the customer experience
and drive internal efficiencies.
Finally, mobile marketing played a big role at this year’s event with the first ever MWC CMO Summit
and our clients were front and center:
• Kris Bondi, CMO of Neura and Jennifer Shambroom, CMO of YouAppi spoke to attendees about
how to leverage your brand for mobile.
• Jacquie Amacher, VP of marketing at Juvo shared valuable insights into how building a mobile
identity can drive context and value for personalization and engagement.
• Jennifer Kyriakakis, founder and VP of marketing at MATRIXX Software laid out the path to
purchase for mobile users, and what telco operators can learn from the masters.
The role of marketing is changing dramatically in the face of mobile technology, and we’re excited to
work with some of the best in the business doing innovative things to reach entirely new populations and
revenue streams.
There is no question that Mobile World Congress is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting. We tip our
hats to our great clients and congratulate them on their impressive success at the show. We’ll take just a
day to recuperate from the madness before we turn our attention to propelling the MWC momentum
forward for MWC Shanghai this summer and MWC Americas in Los Angeles this fall